Themark Corporation was acquired by Messaben Corp. in 2022

Themark Corporation™ offers a wide variety of speciality products , solutions and  services designed to improve and reduce the impact of industrial wastewater on the environment ,to protect the sustainability of vital natural resources .

Themark Corporation manufactures and supplies products for both small- and large-scale operations. Depending on our customer’s requirements, we offer:

  • Hydro-Pod™  is a  field-proven water treatment and Reuse Technology  since 2014 ,Reduces transportation, disposal and storage costs , with very low  energy  consumption per barrel  ,high capacity , mobile and automated .
  • Hydro-Pod™  Recycles  and reuse wastewater to meet state or federal regulations required for disposal and discharge limits.
  • Supply of  Chemicals and specialty chemicals solutions that meets the needs of the energy and industrial domains for environmental and operational performance.
  • Professional environmental consultation services for best practices and designs for the oil and gas, mining ,energy and industrial domains.

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