Thermal Fluids




What does it do?

  • CarbonCool™ is a thermal fluid that conducts temperatures through tubular systems, and can be used in the compression of natural gas during transportation. It can also be sprayed on coal beds to keep from freezing clots that can stick to containers.
  • CarbonCool™ suppresses the formation hydrates and clathrates that are commonly found in deep well and underwater drilling conditions.
  • It contains oxygen scavengers to prevent air pockets that can cause irregular distribution and anti-corrosive polymers that make it compatible with standard or existing systems.
Why is it necessary?

  • CarbonCool™ is a potassium-based product that combines naturally occurring elements in a formula that is not hazardous to the environment, does not require special handling or placards, and is not fatal if ingested by animals or humans. It has been used for more than 10 years in the oil and gas industry and created with the expertise garnered from almost 40 years in the LNG business.
  • Natural gas hydrates result from the injection of natural gas into a water medium under favorable conditions of temperature and pressure – usually low temperature and high pressure. Under such conditions, natural gas and water form cage-like structures that are commonly called “clathrates”. Deep water well temperatures are perfect conditions for hydrates to grow. The formation of hydrates can cause blocked choke and kill lines during well control operations, increasing down time and operating costs.
  • CarbonCool™, as a thermal conductor, can be used to freeze materials such as in snow making equipment and ice skating rinks. It can also be used as antifreeze in large and small engines and radiant heating systems. It replaces glycol based products and environmentally non-hazardous and is not harmful to animals. It has proven to be 34% more energy efficient and less viscous than ethylene glycol and 50% more effective than propylene glycol in onsite testing so it requires smaller pumps than are commonly used.

What does it treat?

  • CarbonCool™ suppresses the formation of hydrates, can be used to cool LNG for safer transport, and can be used as a thermal conductor in many other applications. LNG has a lower flash point making it less flammable. It has been used primarily in the oil and natural gas industry, but has recently made its way into turbine based systems and home heating and cooling systems.
  • As a cooling agent CarbonCool™ can be used in large refrigeration units to convert natural gas to a liquid when cooled to -256°F. The impurities in natural gas once cooled and liquefied are easier to capture, such as water, carbon dioxide, sulfur, and some of the heavier hydrocarbons, making the gas easier to clean.

How is it used?

  • CarbonCool™ can be used in standard market boilers for radiant heating, existing cooling units, and large and small engines as an antifreeze.

How is it shipped?

  • CarbonCool™ is an odorless yellowish fluid that is transported in standard poly drums or totes.

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