Soil Stabilization




What does it do?

  • StaBuilt™ creates a hydrogen bond between clay-based particles found in many soil types associated with oil well drilling. Its primary use was to prepare the drill site before the well was placed to stabilize the soil and prevent movement caused by friction associated with the drilling process. It has been essential in removing water from soggy soils often found in remote locations, such as roadways in Canada and lowlands in mid-Texas.
  • StaBuilt™ effectively causes elements to compete for space on the inner molecular shell where oxygen and hydrogen like to bond, causing water to separate and rise to the top layer where it can be easily collected. After treatment with StaBuilt™ water will be repelled from road and site surfaces where it beads off or evaporates but does not permeate the soil.
  • StaBuilt™ has recently been used in construction sites to secure foundation and retaining wall stability. Because the water cannot permeate soils or substrates it prevents problems associated with freeze/thaw conditions such as cracks in asphalt and foundations. Therefore, it can be used in the pretreatment of roadbeds to prevent sink holes, erosion, and severe cracks.
  • StaBuilt™ is also used as a dry road treatment to prevent dust associated with untreated roads. By spraying the liquid solution on dry roads the same bonding technique occurs and prevents lose particles from becoming airborne.
Why is it necessary?

  • By reducing erosion and preventing water damage to permanent infrastructures the cost benefits of StaBuilt™ are exponential. The cost benefits associated cannot always equate to bottom line accounting measures. However, the price enables the use of this product to be beneficial to overall construction costs.
  • In many marshy, or highly saturated areas building permanent structures has been prohibited. The need in the industry for there to be a viable solution to this problem resulted in the creation on this patented solution. In areas where muddy roads are problematic the cost savings could come in the form of being stuck less. In housing and building applications it could mean the integrity of not only the site but the building itself. In some hillside locations the entire structure has slipped destroying homes and buildings that cannot be reclaimed.
  • Natural gas hydrates result from the injection of natural gas into a water medium under favorable conditions of temperature and pressure – usually low temperature and high pressure. Under such conditions, natural gas and water form cage-like structures that are commonly called “clathrates”. Deep water well temperatures are perfect conditions for hydrates to grow. The formation of hydrates can cause blocked choke and kill lines during well control operations, increasing down time and operating costs.
  • StaBuilt™ is primarily used as a preventative measure and preventing problems can be cost effective in the long run. Preventing roads from cracking can reduce the cost of maintaining roads. By injecting the solution into hillside locations it can prevent slippage and emulsification.

What does it treat?

  • StaBuilt™ can prevent road dust that can clog and contaminate heavy equipment, and is a general nuisance in remote untreated areas and often occurs in drill sites.
  • After treating 120 bore holes in a field in Colorado, testing provided evidence that 7 days after application Stabuilt™ literally extracted water and caused it rise to the surface of the hole. Typical alternatives to Stabuilt™ have been using hay, straw, wood chips or lime; and removing the soggy soil to replace it with less permeable formats. The evidence that these are not good long-term solutions is evidenced by the cracks in foundations, slipping balconies, holes and cracks in roads and parking lots seen every day. The expansion of water weakens structural integrity, and the corresponding retraction of water just leaves an empty space for other hazards to observe.

How is it used?

  • StaBuilt™ can be mixed, sprayed, or injected into clay-based soils to create a tight hydrogen bond between particles that can prevent many hazardous conditions. It is bio-environmentally safe for plants, animals, and humans.

How is it shipped?

  • StaBuilt™ is an odorless clear fluid that is transported in standard poly drums or totes. No special placards or handling is required.

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