Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger




What does it do?

  • H2Stopper™ 1908C is an cost-effective solution to the problem of H2S gas filtering through water supplies in areas of dense decomposition and frac drill sites where it becomes exposed through natural gas exploration. Using a proprietary highly concentrated water soluble hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger can provide a high scavenging ratio for a variety of applications.
  • H2Stopper™ 1908C can also be added to water soluble combination products/chemistries to aid in the control/mitigation of other naturally occurring microorganisms.
Why is it necessary?

  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is hazardous to the health and safety of anyone who comes into contact with it and the physical effects are irreversible. It is toxic and highly flammable and must be handled with extreme caution. It can cause irritation to the eyes and nose, and trouble breathing at moderate levels and convulsions, and death at high levels of exposure.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide can also cause severe corrosion and fouling, and injection-well plugging with iron sulfides in the drilling process. Iron sulfide (FeS) has been reported to precipitate when H2S is mixed with spent acid solutions containing dissolved iron ions. Therefore, removal of H2S content from formation or flow back fluids had become a necessity.
  • It is organic in nature and occurs naturally as the result of decomposition. The colorless gas created through the decomposing organic compounds or dissolved sulfides releases a ‘rotten egg’ smell that can be noxious. It is often encountered in the processes of drilling for natural gas as the drill taps into the organics underground. It also occurs in nutrient rich soils where organic materials decompose at a high rate. This includes forested environments and garbage dumps.
  • There are many techniques to remove H2S, and one treatment method is triazine because it is soluble in aqueous solutions, be it acidic, basic or neutral. H2Stopper is a triazonine that consumes this gas and reduces the hazards related to exposure when injected into the source site such as pipeline or waste dump.

What does it treat?

  • H2Stopper™ 1908C is designed to scavenge H2S gas and dissolved sulfides while aiding in the control of microorganism levels in oil and gas operations as well as waste water treatment applications.

How is it applied?

  • H2Stopper™ 1908C should be applied continuously via a line injection (recommended): Continuous application of H2Stopper™ 1908C should be administered at 5-25ppm for water applications and 25-50ppm for oil and gas applications. Treatment rates are used as a guideline and are dictated by the degree of reduction required. Consult with your International Treatment Chemicals representative for additional information and develop a regime to achieve optimum results.

How is it shipped?

  • H2Stopper™1908C is available in 55 gallon drums, totes, and bulk. As with any individual chemical, avoid prolonged contact with skin. In case of skin or eye contact, flush exposed area with large amounts of water. A MSDS outlining proper handling of this product is available upon request.

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