What does it do?

  • Themark Corporation™ offers a unique portfolio of formate-based products that may be used in a wide range of applications. Our signature non-damaging drilling and completion fluids increase high-temperature stability and performance of guars, xanthan and other polymers.

    In addition, potassium formate (CHKO) creates superior fracturing fluids, fluid loss pills and spacers, drilling fluids for oil drilling and mining operations, and it improves oil and water-based high-performance drilling muds. It may also be used as a brine for use in drilling, completion and workover operations. Potassium formate is more lubricious than chloride analogues and can be used as the internal brine phase in invert-emulsion systems.

  • Potassium formate is the potassium salt of formic acid with a molar mass of 84.12 g/mol-1. It is a highly water-soluble product. Therefore, several other industrial applications include heat transfer, de-icing and anti-icing agents, and refrigerants.
  • Moreover, our formate-based products may be used as a base for thermal fluids (Carbon Cool™), clay stabilization (Sta-Built™) and de-icing agent (Pur-Heat™).

Why is it necessary?

  • Our potassium formate engineered additives offer a better-performing, lower-corrosion KCl replacement. The products improve shale inhibition at concentrations as low as 1% formate, and are synergistic with our shale control polymers. Potassium formate is an environmentally benign alternative to chloride salts. As a source of potassium ions, it inhibits shale hydration by ionic exchange.
  • Our products are safe to handle and maintain, as non-toxic formates biodegrade rapidly if released into the natural environment.
  • During roadway deicing applications, potassium formate effectively dissolves the crystalline structure of ice and carries a lower BOD than other deicing alternatives. Because it biodegrades more rapidly than other products used for this same purpose, it is less likely to negatively impact groundwater.
  • During oilfield applications, potassium formate provides a high-density solution that is very well suited for HTHP drilling operations. It has a low level of corrosion and a more attractive HSE profile, and provides for polymer thermal stability. Carries a low risk of formation damage in loss of permeability.
  • Used as a heat transfer agent, potassium formate can perform at lower temperatures than water-based glycols.

How is it used?

  • Potassium formate solutions are formulated to the required density in accordance with brine tables. The maximum solubility of potassium formate is 75% at ambient temperature. Such a solution has a density of 13.1 lb/gal (1.573 SG). At high concentrations, potassium formate significantly extends polymer thermal stability.
  • Potassium formate in solid form melts at 334°F (167.5°C) and decomposes before reaching a boiling point. Fluids containing potassium formate should not be retorted in the usual way, at high temperature, to conduct solids analysis. Formate fluids should only be retorted under controlled temperature, with the unit set to a maximum of 248°F (120°C).
  • Potassium formate solutions solubilize barium sulphate. The degree of solubilization increases with increasing concentration of potassium formate. Soluble barium is toxic; therefore barite should not be used as a weighting agent in potassium formate fluids. Solubilization of barium also occurs in invert-emulsion fluids; consequently, the combination of potassium formate and barite is not recommended.
  • Potassium formate is deliquescent and must be stored in dry conditions, with packaging completely sealed.
  • Consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), safety posters, and/or product label before use, and use personal protective equipment as advised.

Due to the outstanding product properties of potassium formate and its high environmental profile, other application areas include:

     – Additives for the construction industry

     – Additives for polyurethanes, hard foams

     – Additives for floor coverings with antistatic function

     – Production of polymers, latex

     – Flame retardants

     – Print-, textile- and leather industry (pigments, tanning process)

     – Metal-working and finishes

     – Feed additives

This is just a selection of areas of application, potassium formate can be used for and demonstrates the versatile properties of this unique, organic salt.

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