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Flow Improver

Themark Corporation™ offers a wide-range of flow improver products for several industrial applications to help optimize untapped business potential, reduce energy costs, maximize output and production, and overall, save our client’s money.

Flow improver products, alternatively known as Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) or Pipeline Boosters, can dramatically increase a pipeline’s flow rate or be used as a Drag Reducer (DR) to decrease energy costs.

As an additive, a flow improver is an anti-turbulent polymer chemical that is injected into a pipeline (wherever fluid is turbulent) to maintain or modify flow regimes. By reducing frictional pressure along the pipeline length or serving as a pipeline booster, it reduces the energy required to pump fluid along the pipeline, and ultimately, optimizes the operation and lowers associated costs.

Effective in turbulent flow regimes only, a flow improver does not coat the pipeline wall, modify fluid viscosity or have any chemical reactions with the oil. Furthermore, a flow improver does not directly increase a pipeline’s flow rate. Other factors, such as, temperature, pressure, pipe diameter, and pipe roughness must also be considered.

As a complement to Themark Corporation™ product portfolio, a cost-effective, environmentally safe and efficient flow improver product, known as DRA, contains an ultra-high molecular weight linear poly-alpha-olefin as an active ingredient. DRA reduces contact inside the pipeline wall and facilitates fluid to flow more efficiently.

By facilitating this increase in pipeline flow, or maintaining a certain flow rate while using the same amount of energy, this allows for a higher throughput. Thus, offering clients various operational advantages and considerable cost benefits.

DRA is typically injected in a pipeline at the discharge side of the mainline pump and a positive displacement pump is used to surpass the line pressure and inject the flow improver product. As DRA dissolves, these long chain polymer molecules interact accordingly to reduce turbulence and increase laminar flow.

DRA is also shear sensitive. During the course of flow along the pipeline wall, long chain polymer molecules can be destroyed by export pumps and heater stations, and also degraded by diameter changes, elbows, or T’s close together. Additional factors as previously mentioned, such as, pressure, temperature and roughness, may also affect the degree of degradation, and consequently, re-injection may become necessary.

Themark Corporation™ offers over 20 years of global experience with flow improver products applicable in several industries. Common fields of application include oil and gas fracturing operations, crude oil and refined fuel pipelines, loading lines, multi-phase lines, irrigation systems, shipping, and more.

We are committed to deliver high-performance products and complete services to help achieve these following advantages for our clients:

– Enhance pipeline systems

– Reduce turbulence

– Increase energy efficiency

– Increase or maintain flow rates

– Maximize output and production

– Stabilize process plants

– Reduce pipeline export pressure

– Reduce slugging

– Reduce tanker loading/offloading time

– Increase significantly bottom-line profit

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