Deicing Agent




What does it do?

  • PurHeat™ is an organic ice-melt that is non-corrosive and not hazardous to the environment. It effectively and quickly melts ice to temperatures of -500F and continues to be effective to a dilution rate that corresponds with outside temperature. It can be used to pretreat roads or rigs to prevent freezing or icing, and can also be used after icing on any equipment from drilling rigs to container ships to airplanes. It is potassium based and replaces other salts commonly used.
  • PurHeat™ will not degrade asphalt or other substrates and does not corrode metallic compounds. It can be used as a de-icing agent where common salt would cause damage to bridges and overpasses. It will not harm plants or animals so can be used on roadways and home dwellings alike without consequence.
Why is it necessary?

  • PurHeat™ can be used before or after freezing water accumulates on any surface either as a treatment or pre-treatment alternative to salt. It will not corrode so is a better alternative for cars, trucks, and other exterior surfaces. It does not leave dead plants in its wake that are unsightly or need to be replaced every season, such as the landscaping on the side of roads and driveways. Salt has the potential to kill fish and other living organisms in high concentrations. PurHeat™ will not contaminate the water supply when run-off occurs into fishing streams and other water supply systems. Its base material is a natural fertilizer so it can be safely used around livestock or on horse ranches without complication and will provide a growth support system for new grains in pastures and fields.

How is it used?

  • PurHeat™ comes in powder form and is diluted with water to solution that meets with temperature and consumer needs. It can be sprayed on any surface to prevent or melt ice as needed.

How is it shipped?

  • PurHeat™ is shipped in 20lb bags and does not require special labelling.

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