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Themark Corporation™ is committed to creating products that improve the relationship between industry and the environment. All products are designed to conserve our environment, to improve access to natural resources, and to protect the sustainability of these valuable resources. We are dedicated to making the world a better place, one product at a time, one merger at a time.

Water Treatment

HydroPod™ is a strategic water management solution that reduces our demand for freshwater as a precious natural resource. By recycling wastewater for beneficial reuse, HydroPod™ allows natural gas explorations to move forward into previously restrictive areas that prevent drilling as well as other industrial operations due to water contamination, dumping, and drought concerns. HydroPod™ was designed by using 30+ fracking background and proprietary processing technology with ozone and electrical coagulation. HydroPod™ effectively removes Iron, Boron, Barium, H2S, bacteria, sulfates, and other elements including some organic compounds. This unit can also be combined with other units to meet our client’s wastewater processing demands. It is a self-contained portable unit that can be used on-location to support a wide range of industrial applications.

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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavenger

H2Stopper™ 1908C is a cost-effective solution to the problem of methane gas filtering through water supplies in areas of dense decomposition and frac drill sites where it becomes exposed through natural gas exploration. Using a proprietary highly concentrated water soluble hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger can provide a high scavenging ratio for a variety of applications.

H2Stopper™ 1908C can also be added to water soluble combination products/chemistries to aid in the control/mitigation of other naturally occurring microorganisms.

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Soil Stabilization

StaBuilt™ creates a hydrogen bond between clay-based particles found in many soil types associated with oil well drilling. Its primary use was to prepare the drill site before the well was placed to stabilize the soil and prevent movement caused by friction associated with the drilling process. It has been essential in removing water from soggy soils often found in remote locations, such as roadways in Canada and lowlands in mid-Texas.

StaBuilt™ effectively causes elements to compete for space on the inner molecular shell where oxygen and hydrogen like to bond, causing water to separate and rise to the top layer where it can be easily collected. After treatment with StaBuilt™ water will be repelled from road and site surfaces where it beads off or evaporates but does not permeate the soil.

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Deicing Agent

PurHeat™ is an organic ice-melt that is non-corrosive and not hazardous to the environment. It effectively and quickly melts ice to temperatures of -500F and continues to be effective to a dilution rate that corresponds with outside temperature. It can be used to pretreat roads or rigs to prevent freezing or icing, and can also be used after icing on any equipment from drilling rigs to container ships to airplanes. It is potassium based and replaces other salts commonly used.

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Thermal Fluids

CarbonCool™ is a thermal fluid that conducts temperatures through tubular systems, and can be used in the suppression of natural gas during transportation. It can also be sprayed on coal beds to keep from freezing clots that can stick to containers.

CarbonCool™ suppresses the formation hydrates and clathrates that are commonly found in deep well and underwater drilling conditions.

It contains oxygen scavengers to prevent air pockets that can cause irregular distribution and anti-corrosive polymers that make it compatible with standard or existing systems.

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Sand Stabilization

ZetaPro™ alters the zeta potential of solid surfaces to the optimum range (between -20 & +20 mV). It is an Agglomerated material with high conductivity that stays in the formation where it creates a random charge distribution on the surface of the solid particles. This allows the particles to freely associate bonds that increase fluidity and prevent clogging. It reduces the potential for erosion and when added to aqueous solutions coats rapidly any metal oxide or anionic substrate like proppant, sand or coal.

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