Mark E. Stanley – CEO/President/Partner

Mark E. Stanley is a hydraulic fracturing expert with nearly 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He started with Arco right out of college where he studied Chemical Engineering. In 1987, he went back to college to earn his MBA and afterward, went to work as a partner with Clearwater International in 1989. Working at the partnership level gave him a more hands-on approach as he learned to utilize his knowledge and background to fine-tune products and services to meet specific customer requirements. During this period, he developed several patents for products still used today.

To the furthest extent possible, he continuously focuses on products and services that do not harm the natural environment. He believes that ultimately the ability to lower costs by reducing hazardous waste constrictions serves the best interest for both sides of any argument.

His work at Clearwater International gained the interest of Weatherford International. Weatherford purchased the company and hired him to run the Pumping and Chemical Services division, worldwide. During this period, he learned a great deal about the variety of climates and conditions that his products would be required to meet. This inspired a variety of new products and technological innovations that ultimately led to the product portfolio represented now by Themark Corporation.