Themark Corporation is very excited to announce that we have been named the 2015 Water Management Company of the Year! The Water Management Company of the Year Award given by Oil & Gas Awards recognizes organizations involved in safe, clean and efficient water handling, treatment and disposal.

Judges Comments
“The trilogy of solutions make the Themark Water Treatment Technology stand out. Scored highly on many of the key points of the criteria. A thorough and well-structured case for the Water Management Company of the Year Award.”

“Themark Corporation’s water management system provides innovative “pioneering” solutions to reduce water demand while allowing drilling to continue and, potentially, expand in areas where it may have not been feasible in the past. More focus will be placed on conserving/ recycling water in the future and Themark’s work sounds like it is ahead of the game.”

Themark Corporation is proud to combine an ideology that reduces costs and complies with all industry environmental regulations. All products and services are designed to protect and preserve our environment, making the world a better place one product at a time and service at a time. Our products have been proven effective in the industry for over 37 years. We provide the highest quality environmentally safe products drilling through to refining needs including: hydrogen sulfide scavengers, sand control agents, soil stabilization products, environmentally safe thermal fluids that reduce carbon footprint and are at least 34% more efficient than conventional fluids, and non-chloride based de-icing agents. All products are paired with organic base structures. In the area of water treatment, our signature product, the HydroPod™ provides cost reduction strategies that minimize exposure to fines, restrictions, and limited access to natural resources. The HydroPod™ water treatment system provides solutions for contaminated processed and fracking water. The HydroPod™ is capable of separating water from all unique geological characteristics of each shale formation in the US and Canada. Treated water has been approved by the EPA for redistribution into natural water shed systems in Colorado. Other states, including Ohio and Pennsylvania, are pending.